Testing and evaluation is one of the most important part of materials utilization in various industrial applications . Material specification, material characterization, material behavior and its performance evaluation is the first step in any utility application . it is also important to qualify materials being supplied by various vendors. Material analysis and its certification is another important aspect required frequently by industry. Paint testing & it certification has become an important industrial requirement . It is a responsible job which requires correct knowledge of the subject , knowledge of various paint standards and their right use in evaluation.
Surface Engineering and Coating consultant is being initiated by experienced well educated personnel's Prof.A.S.Khanna is having 27 years of experience in a prestigious education institute , Indian Institute of Technology Bombay , as well working in several International Laboratories. After retirement from IIT Bombay,he decided to extend his services to help industry in creating a state of the art testing and evaluation facilities with constantancy and advisory component also.
The testing lab is located at DreamsThe Mall in Bhandup next to SSPC India office . It has all basic facilities of paint testing , paint performance evaluation , mechanical properties of coating , weathering and chemical properties evaluation at reasonable cost.We are in the process of taking NABL accreditation soon .We have experienced staff like Dr.Shailesh Dhoke , who has eight years experience in testing and Evaluation at Charter Coating , Calgary Canada and Raj Kumar who worked with me for 20 years at IIT Bombay
I am looking forward to your supprt and cooperation to make this dream come true.